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>> it has taken six months, but police now arrested rodney blanton, charging him with theft, robbery, and theft. they said he punched the victim in her face and arms and knocked out her tooth. the victim may have provided what broke the case. >> and he begins physically attacking the victim in an effort to get away. she bit the suspect on his hand. >> reporter: she allegedly fled out with $50, leaving behind the drop of blood. >> on august 15, we received confirmation that belonged to rodney william blantan. >> she is now back, but that there is a crucial message that should go out to all of us.
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>> that's what we've got. >> and now jackson says that the elderly woman actually asked her not to call police, but that there was no way for her to leave her there by herself. annow finally an arrest, anita? >> possibly that one top of blood. wow, thank you. we have breaking news out of illinois where they had been convicted of murdering their third wife. and no matter how high, the case is reopened and her body was resumed. and today's verdict kept the five-year legal saga during which the former police officer almost seemed to toss them, facing a maximum 60-year prison term that illinois does not have the death penalty. well, we've got the start for you on a story that you saw only on 9 as we're learning more about the man suspected of
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running the dog fighting operation out of his home down in alexandria. the alleged ring leader is the 36-year-old. they broke this story for us last night here with the latest now onthis one. andrea? >> it did not take us long to find the extensive criminal records. and he also goes by the name alex gomez. one day affair faction county police seized eight pit bulls from the suspected dog fighting allegation in alexandria. disturbing information has emerged about the man who lives at 45 tipton lane. since 2005, they also go by the alias, alex gomez has faced charges in several jurisdictions in maryland and including first-degree murder. wreckless endangerment, dwi along with weapons and drug charges.
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>> this dog looks like he has been fought. he has scars on his face that you can see the little white marks. >> we set our video tape and the main society. >> and what we are looking at it there that will be commonly here for them. it's commonly associated with dog fighting. the fact that this individual had that type of treadmill is a red flag. >> reporter: police confiscated treadmills, heavy chains, a device known for their brutality. >> this is what's commonly referred to as a rape stand. they will strand her down to that contraption so she is forcibly bred. >> reporter: operating in the shadows, even in quiet residential neighborhoods like this one. dogs fight to the death or until they are so injured they cannot continue. >> if the dog were to quit and try to jump out of the pit,
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that's a death sentence. they will shoot that dog. >> reporter: in virginia it's a felony to possess dogs for the purpose of fighting. again right now, he faces just one count of being an unfit animal owner. derek, we're looking into the first-degree murder charges that we have uncovered in maryland and prince george's county and the state's attorney office that is now looking into them as we don't know the position of those charges, the very serious charges. >> yes, very serious. and the cruelty of the charges. that rape stand will take the case. >> isn't it horrible for sports? back to you. and from two tough stories to another one, an update now to the story we told you about yesterday. the 83-year-old woman attacked by the rabbit beaver. well, she just returned home from the hospital this afternoon. she was attacked on tuesday night at bar crop lake in falls church. surae chinn just talked to her bringing us her top story. >> you want to be a part of me.
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that's what they wanted. >> the 83-year-old had gone for a swim like she often does. >> reporter: when the beaver came out of nowhere. >> the animal jumped at me, hitting me so hard. >> they kept aiming at their eyes thinking if i knocked the eyes out they wouldn't be able to see it. >> reporter: and yes she is quite the feisty one, lillian, that is. >> and my thumb was chewed up to the point. and it was a walking stick. now, she said if it wasn't for her friend nearby that she might not be alive. >> there is two minutes across the lake screaming help me, help me, get out of the water. i can't, it got me. >> there's no two ways about it. >> reporter: she is the 83-year-
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old active swimmer, self- proclaimed walk-aholic is now the survivor of the beaver attack. >> i'm also the member of the board of realtors that has been a member of the multimillion dollar sales club for 45 consecutive years. >> reporter: the take away from the beaver mauling shall never swim in that lake again. >> i'll have to resort in swimming on some of the indoor pools, which i hate, but i will do it. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn, 9news now. >> it means business as she has several more rounds of rabies shots that she could not wait to get back to selling houses as a realtor. well, some showers and storms are around earlier today. nothing like the eastern shores though in the weather center with details, top? >> you've got a couple of incredible pictures here. they have had two days of heavy rain. and this comes to us from the times. massive flooding at ocean city. and this was yesterday. now here are the deals for you.
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yesterday, heavy rains fell and actually collapsed the roof of the carriage house. no injuries, but that's how much rain they have been having on the eastern shores which is good and bad in the severe draught, which will help a little bit alleviate that. we'll show you the last batch of the showers and storms. ocean city, everybody got hammered. most of the showers are now offshore. as far as we are are concerned, just an isolated storm. one is kind of dying out on the east side of 270 over towards albany with a couple more storms near cumberland which is about it. we'll be in pretty good shape for the game tonight, and the youngsters are in town for the o's. 84 in manassas. not too bad, though it is some kind of humid. we'll come back and tell you what it means to your humidity and your weekend forecast. well a hoax is being blamed for a disturbance on board u.s. air ways flight. they had been on the air for
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about 30 minutes when airport police got a tip that one of the passengers on board might be carrying some kind of bomb. >> there was a threat, but the threat was unsounding. that flight was never in any danger. and i just want to stress it right now that the mail briefly taken in from investigation has committed no crime. >> yeah, but the passengers were really annoyed. after the inspection found nothing, they did get back on the plane, they went to it in dallas. when they find whoever called that tip in, he will be in big trouble. well a crash on i-95 in northern virginia left one driver dead. this one happened in the southbound lanes in fairfax county. investigators said that a kia was merging on to the road when it pulled into the path of the tractor trailer. and while you can imagine that
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the kia driver would kill. the truck driver is probably going to be okay. the name of the victim has not been released yet. >> crusading against the nightclub today with the padlocking of the other property. and that is where scott broom will join us live with details. why did they shut it down, scott? >> reporter: well, this is the rendezvous banquet hall here, which joins at least a dozen other properties here in prince george's county, shut down with the use of the occupancy rules. prince george's county under the watch l f -- watchful eye of the police. and the problem here that the use of the occupancy will require the large gatherings that have not been renewed. but the recent assault drew their attention. >> they had fights and different things of that nature, which will be a service for us. >> this is the latest that shut
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down, since the county's dance hall, which has been used to shut down a dozen clubs. on august 12, club elite in temple hills will be closed in similar fashion. they indicated that the owner had implied for them to use it as a banquet hall and the auditorium, but police said that the permits had be expired. the owner of the business is listed as jane from silver springs, but 9news calls to the business contacts were not returned. the owner could face a $20,000 civil fine. there was a wedding scheduled here, but the bride canceled with just six hours notice.
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she said her entire family pulled to the a wedding reception for $500 in a church meeting hall at the last second. she still got her money back. it sounds like a reality tv show. perhaps a d.c. officer shot a pit bull this morning, which happened around 7:00 after neighbors had called complaining about the dog. well when an officer arrived on the scene, the dog charged towards the officer and a 10- year-old girl. police said that the officer brought the girl to safety and then shot and wounded the dog. so far no charges have been filed against the dog's owners. nine dogs were desperate for new homes arrived in washington today. those dogs, some of them puppies were left homeless because of hurricane isaac. they were rescued in hancock county, mississippi, taken to the animal washington league in
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the northwest. the animal welfare organization banded together to find housing for those dogs. >> yeah, they are really cute. well he was beloved in baltimore, but in cleveland, oh, it was a whole different story. coming up both cities remember the former ravens and browns owner. also ahead, the russian president will take to the skies to lead a flock of young birds in flight. didn't somebody make a movie about that? but coming up next, preparing to accept the nomination for a second term. we'll go live to charlotte when we come back.
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well, we are told that president obama is putting the finishing touches to his speech that he will deliver tonight at the national convention in charlotte. you probably saw it last night that the president is making the surprised appearance.
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clinton's speech took direct aim at the republican charge that president obama has failed to fix our can economy. and tonight, they will present their plan. the chance of severe weather for the convention organizers to move the speech from the large outdoor stadium to the arena and the first lady is willing to introduce joe biden and jill biden will deliver some sort of acceptance speech as well. joining us live, the cbs news chief will even go talking to them all week long. president obama seems to have a very tough act to follow. i'm thinking what is left to say? >> i'll tell you, that speech last night about bill clinton was the single one of the best features i would say that i have ever heard delivered by anybody in either party. bill clinton knows how to do it and barack obama needed some help. and it was the way that he kind
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of explained in 45 minutes, the obama administration, and he explained it better than they were able to do in three and a half years. and i'm like you, the bar is high, but i guess that's a good problem to have because bill clinton, i think really connected last night. but you know, he kind of explained it in language that people could understand. and so you know, i think barack obama now tonight has to tell us what his agenda is for the next four years. give us a few specifics because bill clinton has certainly set the stage for us tonight. >> and now since you noted, he seems to have taken a part of the criticism. how do you craft the response to clinton's speech? >> i don't know how you go about doing that. and i suppose that is what they
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are working on. but you know watching them deliver the political speech is like watching joe play center field for the yankees or watching hank aaron swing when he hits the home run. he just knows how to do it. and when he saw that last time. >> now, vice president joe biden is getting in on the act tonight. usually he'll be the vice president who did what president clinton did last night. so what is his role? >> it is much of the same. he will take on the republicans, don't you worry about that. it's the passion that he enjoys doing. and he will do it his own way. i was thinking about this. paul ryan, the vice president for the republican is a very good debater. joe biden is a very good debater. i think that the sleeper debate
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in these presidential debates will be the one on the president. and i'm kind of excited about that. i think it will be fun. >> i'm looking forward to it. and the commentary as well as i have been watching the speech. so thank you for that. >> reporter: thank you. >> all right, we appreciate it. let's take it outside with the ladies and topper. i guess it's beginning to dry out? what's going on? >> there is a breeze now. you warned us that it would be humid. we would have another humid day. >> we've got one more tomorrow and then big changes for your weekend. but i think you will like the changes. >> and let's talk about the live look outside. and it is sunny as you can see that with the sunshine there. temperatures again are not too bad. 82, but the humidity is way up this, the dew points are 72 over 70%. that's not a good thing. and at least we have the return of sunshine for yoand the pressure is 2.9 inches of mercury. we'll start with the radar and
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show you one more time. i mean it went through them today and you saw the reds and yellow. this is over an inch per hour. handling all the resorts. now a couple of showers have popped up as i'm feeling pretty optimistic about the game tonight. with a couple of light showers on the west side of 355 north of german town. and one little tiny of showers up here. that is about it. so we still run the risk of an isolated storm tonight, but for the most part temperatures are in the 70s. both the start of the game and the end of the game as you host the cubs. the magic number is 19. 82 in vienna and great falls. 82 in fairfax. 81 in arlington and again the temperatures are fine. 82 at college park. 82 in bowie. out to the west, 86 for leesburg and 86 for hay market. but the problem is we're looking at the tropical unsettled weather for the isolated storms tonight.
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that will be safe. hot and humid tomorrow. and just as humid as tomorrow, but we will add more heat with a lot of storms on saturday, which should set up the stage for a very nice sunday. so an early isolated storm tonight. 58 to 74 so we're talking about the mid-70s. not too comfortable. but tomorrow morning, very warm and humid. you'll have your sunglasses, 70s and 80s. by the afternoon, partly cloudy, hot and humid, just an isolated storm. high temperatures here around 90. and the next three days, we're going to go back to code yellow for friday, just because it will be hot and humid with isolated big storms. 91, most of you would like to deal with it. saturday, a lot of storms, 86. then look at this, code green on sunday, refreshing temperatures in the upper 70s just in time to fulfill it. the next seven days feel very nice on monday. temperatures in the upper 70s as we kind of creep back for you, mid-80s on wednesday and thursday. and not becoming humid, just comfortably warm. a very nice stretch of weather.
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all right, it is thursday, best shot there. this is a great shot. it is sent to us here as you can see the clouds, these clouds will be the towering cumulus, and usuay they are thunderstorms, not always. but when you need to get thetops of the thunder heads at this time of the year, that's where weather ends. after that, not wet weather. nicely done. we appreciate that. now, go to our website here on, click on the weather tab. and then please submit your pictures and also include your location and description. and another great picture for you last night of flooding at berkeley springs as i could use it. i don't know who anonymous is. i'm working on that. and there will be a lot of them out there. all right coming up, some of the late neil armstrong equipment from his historic walk on the moon will go on display at the smithsonian. but coming up next, a heads up if you are headed downtown bethesda this weekend to pack some patients. we'll tell you about it why
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when we come back.
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we've got a reminder for you, downtown parts of the avenue will shut down tomorrow. the construction crews would mount between bethesda avenue and at around 9:00 tomorrow night. and they will need to stay that way for 20 months. workers are building two residential buildings here on two parking lots and the underground garages going on as well. now however, they will remain open, but that is not too much help for drivers. in the meantime construction at the other parts of bethesda will cause problems for them as well. we are talking about the road right near walter reed. the plans call for closing the northern sidewalks through november 9 to the gates here from westbound lanes that will also be shutting down, one of the goals of the project is to
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improve the traffic flow in and out of walter reed. spirit airlines is the newest carrier. service from dwi to dallas and ft. lauderdale started today. the first flight arriving in baltimore is welcomed with what was built as a water salute, the fire engine sprayed water on the aircraft to gather here outside of paris. they got a little more excitement than what they bargained for. and they were demolished in a matter of seconds, but they did not consider the wind direction. and before this project, a thick cloud of dust blew towards the crowds of spectators as you could see them running away. many of them covering their mouths to keep it from swallowing their dirt and dust. now take a close look at this stunt man. that's right. the russian president who threw a motorized hand writer here for the young crane in flight.
5:27 pm
and well the project is aimed at teaching cranes that will follow the aircraft on the southern migration to central asia. only one bird followed them on their first flight who said it was because of the high winds. welcoming up a tale of two cities. baltimore and cleveland both reacting to the death of the ravens owner. and also ahead, nobody likes to sit in rush hour traffic, but one driver in canada gave all new definition to the notion of being stuck. on the highway. coming up next though, we will tell you which maryland county has the most number of school bus stop violators as we'll go behind the scenes on how authorities plan to crack down. ah.
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all right, we all know by now we're not suppose to drive by school buses, but they find that the montgomery county services will get noticed because they need to leave the state of maryland and a number of the school bus violations. in just one day for the department of education, they said that 494 drivers ignored the school bus and they are picking up, dropping off students at the bus. they installed cameras on a number this year to catch the people who just keep going. >> in frederick county maryland, they now have the cameras. that's right, they will show us
5:31 pm
how to work and to protect these kids. the bus driver seized dangerous behaviors every day. >> did that scare me? >> reporter: but not on the bus, on the road. >> just last week i had one of the stops. >> the self-contained unit right here where we have a camera facing the front. >> reporter: now in frederick county maryland, cameras like these are mounted on ten buses, ready to record the license and other data on any vehicle that doesn't come to a complete stop. >> the child has nothing to protect them. it is our bodies, working out, crossing in front of the bus as they got hit by a 2,000 pound vehicle. they are not going to win. >> reporter: the violation will cost you. >> $2,500. >> reporter: a new maryland law that will allow for these devices enacted in may. last year in frederick county, the bus drivers reported nearly 500 illegal passes.
5:32 pm
when the school bus is coming up, there are kids standing around, that you never know where they are going to come from. the administrator of the program as well as the county sheriff, review all pictures before the citations are issued. by december, 40 county buses will be equipped with these new cameras, but not soon enough for judy jackson. >> no, i would not want to see one of those kids get hit by the car. and i would hate for a driver to have to live with that. >> in maryland, 9news now. >> well said. >> the owner of the violating vehicle will need to get their tickets in the mail. >> they are being remembered tonight. the former owner of the cleveland browns and the baltimore ravens passed away today set up at the hospital. and they are among those mourning the loss of the nfl.
5:33 pm
and i will tell you literally that it it does not take five minutes to spend with art that you immediately needed to recognize what a genuine person you were. >> you would come to cleveland and realize what you lost, but you didn't lose it. they lost a man every time who threw their checkbook out. a man who cared about the people and the community. >> reporter: that's how people in cleveland felt about it for a long time. as a matter of fact he was here in cleveland for 35 years until well, he moved the team to baltimore. before that the games had sold out, going to the playoffs to capture the championship. still though, they announced that they were going to move the team in 1995 and the polls show lingering hostility with greater anger that cleveland felt when lebron james left to go to miami in -- 2010. >> it was washed away. they couldn't get over that night and they cannot get over
5:34 pm
lebron james. and so i mean i hope that his legacy will be remembered here in a good way. >> it is a tough one. they oversaw them for the bargaining agreement with the players, among the owners. the key figures for getting them televised on monday night. at the age of 80. and now they are likely to draw more crowds than usual. that will be the historic moon walk that are now on display. it is the first time that the items are being shown in more than a decade that they will be on display in two weeks for a special case. and then a memorial service that will be held next thursday. on september 13 at the washington national cathedral that will begin at 10:00 a.m. with a number of limited
5:35 pm
tickets that will be available to the public for their first come first served basis that will be streamed live for the cathedral and the national website. their family announced today the first man to walk on the moon will be buried to sea, but they did not tell us too much else. and they brought their music to the smithsonian museum today for national arts. >> the choir means the little singer as they will be on a national tour to raise money for rebuilding their school. they performed during the lunchtime hour for the museum of the hall. the women of the arts is calling their newest exhibit. women who rock. the exhibit features more than 250 artifacts from 70 artists including their famous meat dress. the dress from the 2010 mtv video music award for their raw meat color.
5:36 pm
and it is also on display for many of the items on loan from the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. and they are now suing the producers for the x-rated dvds, which claims these films from pen and jerries, which had demonstrate the reputation of the ice cream makers. the x-rated titles include what is similar to the names of the actual flavors here. the ladies are laughing. they filed in new york city that speaks unspecified damage that they just want those guys to go away. >> yes. >> and coming up, the stories of the skunk and a sticky situation. >> the last time we got sunshine here, but in this area, the big time rains will come on through to crack the isolated storms. we'll tell you if they will head here to hook ahead for your weekend. and coming up next, a close call for a little girl who
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narrowly escaped being run over for the bus. don't forget that we're always on stay with us, we'll be right back. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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caught on tape, a 3-year- old girl's terrifying ride in china. a bus hit her trapping her underneath. firefighters tried to use a jack to raise it off, but it was too soft to support that equipment, so they decided to dig the girl out. eventually they were able to loosen the soil under her body pulling her out to safety. amazingly she was not seriously hurt. we'll move on to a story in canada. a driver drove his car into
5:40 pm
this sink hole who thought that the black spot was like a big tarp in the road. by the time he realized it wasn't, well, he couldn't stop. the driver along with his car were sort of swallowed up. you could see a little bumper poking out of the ground. he was not hurt too much, but the sink hole has doubled in size and will require some major repairs before they could even open up the highway again. >> here is another one about the sink hole. it this one in durham, north carolina and it nearly swallowed that car. the driver apparently didn't notice that hole and somehow they drove right into it. it did not end well as the car ended up perpendicular to the ground. the tow truck had to pull the car out of the hole, but the driver was not hurt. and now imagine his facebook and twitter. >> i think that the air bag probably went off. >> probably. a skunk caused quite a stink. oh gosh outside the milwaukee middle school. >> when the staff got to work, they found that the animal had a plastic jar stuck on his
5:41 pm
head. so the administrator called several agencies for help including the local news. >> obviously he can breathe which kind of tells you that you could pull it off, but again i'm not going to do it. i was hoping that you would. >> nobody was dumb enough to do it, although neighbors, they did finally catch up with them under the trash can, but the skunk somehow got him and them out to make a break for the basket. >> yes. >> and still ahead tonight, to turn into technology to help you save some money at the grocery store. but first a health alert about the west nile virus death right here in our area, where it happened coming up next. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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in tonight's health alert, reporting the city's first death this summer. we are told that they were an elderly man, the second d.c. resident suffering from the hospital. the federal government said that nationwide they have a number of the west nile virus increases this year and deaths as well. in west virginia, the charleston health department confirmed that someone there has died. tonight we learned that the
5:45 pm
person visited the national park in the last four months. three people who visited the park this year have died from the illness, five others have fallen ill. the park officials fear more than 10,000 people here in the park and they may have been exposed. this is some good news about this, looking to apply for a mortgage. they report 3.55% this week down from 3.59% last week. if you are looking to refinance the average 15-year fix is still relatively cheap at 2.86%. now, newly released job numbers will show that companies are hiring the payroll processing providers that say the private companies added more than 200,000 jobs in august. it is the biggest gain in five months. today the labor department said that 365,000 people will file first time unemployment claims ending last week. and that is a drop of 12,000 from the week before. get ready to get fired up for
5:46 pm
the latest kindle. they rolled out their latest kindle fire tablet and the e- reader today. they have been trying to chip away their hold on the tablet market by pricing the kindle prices much higher. don't bank on getting the current version. the company says they are all sold out. well the summer drought will no doubt have an impact on your money. but a look at tools and apps to help you do just that at the grocery store. >> reporter: a trip can be risky for your wallet and your waistline. so to save some cash throughout your shopping trip, they recommend the smart phone app like push pins. it will let your family scan items to find digital coupons. they also recommend the i.q. app as you shop and share with your grocery list by scanning bar codes with a function to search for coupons. and sink your list with the
5:47 pm
supermarket loyalty program to spot savings more readily. don't discard those low tech tips when you need to hit the aisle too to help you avoid the temptations that could cost money and calories. >> all right, now here is something to chew on. the most common popular discount are for cookies and snacks and pre-processed foods. no matter how good the deal looks, right anita? stay away from the process. that is best, right guys? >> when you shop at the 29 mart, you don't get those kinds of deals. >> yes. i'm surprised that they were number one. >> yeah are you shopping? >> they are both shopping. the clouds kept temperatures down, the humidity is out of sight. we'll start with the live look outside for the weather cam. and the temperatures with the high of 84, down to 82. but the dew points are still in the 70s. and i've got to tell you that it is uncomfortable.
5:48 pm
that humidity at this time of the day is not good. the winds are southeasterly at 9 with lots of sunshine. clear to partly cloudy skies across most of the metro area. the radar, well, they got hammered again. and an additional two to four inches fell. more flooding in ocean city. and that is now exited with little tiny showers here. that's about it. when the game is over, 79. so just a muggy night for baseball. when it is humid, the ball actually travels further than it does if it were dry with low humidity. sometimes the announcers will get it backwards. 88 in rockville and bethesda as i will accept that one. 85 at great falls and fairfax. 82 in arlington and college park and 80 over in bowie. okay, still tropical, still unsettled, but just an isolated
5:49 pm
early storm. that's it. they should be safe. hot and humid tomorrow with a storm on saturday as the cold front approaches, but that will be the main event. a pretty strong cold front will roll through here. early isolated storms tonight, muggy. 68 to 74. then by morning, it will be a dry commute. partly cloudy and warm and humid. you'll need your sunglasses. there could be some fog. and then by afternoon, well, partly cloudy, hot and humid with an isolated storm. that's about it. high temperatures around 90. winds are out of the southwest at 10. we'll break it down. a little bit of fog to start. 68 to 76. we're back to the low to mid- 80s. by 5:00 maybe a storm. temperatures are 87 to 91. the next three days, code yellow tomorrow, code yellow on saturday and then a refreshing code green on sunday. 91 tomorrow. just an isolated storm that you shouldn't change your plan. saturday would change your plan, 86. if you could see off in the
5:50 pm
morning, they would. just fantastic on sunday. 79, breezy, partly cloudy. the next seven days. well it will stay here for a while. the upper 70s on monday and then low 80s on tuesday as we crawl back to the mid-80s on wednesday and thursday and still humidity remains in check that it will be comfortably warm. so it will be a nice sit down to watch a little football that will feel like football weather. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> that's right. that's what i'm talking about. moving on to to the last few months that we have shown you a whole lot of song parity. >> and no doubt. well now there is no doubt about it. it will just pop on in everyone's ear from cold cow to the u.s. olympic swim team. we are holding off on those words. it is now being called the song of the summer. ♪hey, i just met you ♪ and this is crazy. ♪ ♪ but here's my number, so call me maybe ♪ >> carly rae jepsen's song
5:51 pm
topped the longest between memorial day and labor day. katie perry's "wide awake" rounds out the top five from this summer. >> do you think that she will have any other records? >> maybe a one-hit wonder? >> i don't know. >> pop music, what can you do? >> mike shanahan has a history of taking those unknown players, turning them into stars. >> but this season we are talking about a runningback for the next successful project. >> joining us now with more on this diamond in the rough. tell us more. >> thanks, guys. yes, he has done it several times before, finding the gyms in the later rounds of the nfl draft. a sixth round pick from florida atlantic university and they have been wowing fans and coaches all throughout the pre- season. he may have just found that star runningback that the skins need. >> it's very good. >> reporter: the nfl training
5:52 pm
camp opened just a month ago. and without this, every year there are gyms, surprises like the rookie runningback who was bending and reshaping all expectations. you've got some more to the outside for the 5. >> reporter: during training camp, sports illustrated columnist tweeted that he could start for the redskins. and so what is the magic that has him on the rise? >> when he makes up his mind, he is going one one. obviously, you know, not in the long time. but what do you have for them? >> well, i'm probably one of the few runningbacks that you will have for them and i don't let you read there as i swish shat the hit. >> the 53-man roster, he has not only the tenacity working in his favor, but his selection in the sixth round. it is a special number for the coach who in the past selected
5:53 pm
three time pro bowler davis and mike anderson, both in the sixth round. >> to kind of give me a big hope to be one of those backers that they found us in the road, a diamond in the rough are. >> reporter: incidentally morris is wowing people on and off the field. recently his singing voice received kudos at the rookie talent show. the web producer kevin jones couldn't talk him into a repeat performance, but he did get this. >> and how about as long as they needed to see that, with the first name. i can't say his name. [ laughter ] i just can't say it. >> i can't get through that without laughing either. but during the final pre-season game, usually a privilege bestowed upon the starter as you may not take them this sunday. but you will possibly get majority. >> yeah, we are looking forward to it that and looking forward to our 6:00 news on 9news now.
5:54 pm
virginia is issuing the concealed weapons permit to people who have never even fired it on. and many of them will live in other states. i'm peggy fox in springfield. coming up, i'll tell you how this is happening and what the manages of the shooting range will think about it. and then a little later, the businesses are still struggling to survive, just one year after tropical storm lee really soaked up our area. and coming up next, engaging students through one of the most prestigious museums.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate.
5:57 pm
and cookies n creme. pure hershey's. handling something over 60 million years old could be tricky. she may only be a teenager, but she gets to work with some of the most talented scientists in the world. at the smithsonian museum history in washington, d.c. her work. >> this was found in new jersey. >> what we're doing is drilling
5:58 pm
a little bit of the powder off the shelves that will analyze chemically to understand the temperatures that these shells were growing in about 68 million years ago. go ahead and get yourself set up. >> the youth engagement through science, or yes is a paid summer intern program at the smithsonian. make no mistake that this is not about clerical work or being a gopher for teams. students could connect up to 500 scientists that will be working with smithsonian. >> they are using the dna high- powered microscope. >> we are getting high school students that we are trying to get students here at a younger age to see that science is something that they can do that science is fun and interesting. >> and it translates to younger students as well. >> the young people are here with their families as they peek in the window, they see them working on bones and excavating as they will look at
5:59 pm
them and say wow, you know it is just a few years older than i am. i can do that. [ laughter ] 9news now. >> that will be a major moment. we know that school is just getting started for all of you. but it will make it a perfect time for you to send your cool school here. e-mail them at

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